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In athletics we form the complete skater and try to minimize the risk of injuries. A healthy body is a powerful body.

Movement Class

  • creative training with your own body weight
  • matching simple, rhythmic and continuous movements

Bounce & speed

  • increase of the jumping force and explosiveness by age-appropriate training while avoiding fatigue and faulty technology
  • increase of movement speeds, taking into account qualitative performance
  • training of responsiveness


  • strengthen and improve the coordination skills in power, speed, quickness
  • complex forms of practice (coupling abilities)
  • coordination of time-dynamic movements
  • training of orientation and differentiation skills (forces)
  • proprioceptoric anticipatory training (balance & anticipation)
  • reaction training

strength training

  • passive and active force development taking into account the age specification and the maintenance of flexibility
  • total body stability
  • differentiated control of muscle groups

coordinate runs
balance on the slackline
I wan´t your rope
fun & game in the off-ice class