• Training Principles

What's iceDOME?

IceDOME is an international training camp for figure skaters under the guidance of technical and condition trainer as well as dance professionals.

The children from beginner to senior level are practicing in small groups during their 1-4-week summer camp and, if desired, in individual lessons so that the expert can give the athletes the biggest possible attention. In addition to technical training on the ice, the skaters are athletically trained in many different ways. The focus here is on coordination, condition, stability and the development of strengths skills.
The teaching of dance serves the rhythmic training and the improvement of the general flexibility and posture.
Through the involvement of internationally active ISU specialists, the skaters get an insight into the current rules and can optimize their competition programs accordingly.
NEW in Oberstdorf: A specially developed circular training on the ice, which teaches coordination and strengthening, followed by jump training, makes the athlete fit for the coming season.

theatrical performance and fun in expression
working on technical details

Why did we develop this concept?

Only a healthy and well-trained athlete will be able to meet the requirements of this complex sport and will be able to operate it for a long time.

Too often, physical disbalances, lack of technical understanding or to short regeneration phases lead to the resignation of the young athlete. We focus on long-term, balanced training with a clear goal.