• Operator

Michael Huth

    • born 1969 in Dresden
    • former single and pair skater, member of the GDR national team and the olympic team
    • studies of sports science
    • celebrated countless successes worldwide with his skaters
    • head coach iceDOME

      Claudia Huth

        • born 1979 in Erfurt
        • former figure skater and later athletics
        • businesswoman
        • planning & organization iceDOME

          Why did we decide to do something for ice skating?

          Michael: "I grew up with the sport, and when I was 5 years old, I went on the ice with many other children’s and first of all only my parents had fun. Persistent they supported me in my seeming talent. With the years I got joy from the training and developed a will to win.”

          Claudia: "It was similar to me, except that I had fun right away, as I was able to train with my best friend, my talent was limited and it turned out that I was pretty fast and coordinated, but jumping power was missing. Switching to the athletics to the short distances was inevitable. "

          Michael: "Even after my ice skating career, my love for sports remained, and I backed up my planned medical studies and helped with the local club, where I realized that I could turn my hobby into a profession and decided to pursue a sports science study. During my studies, I was able to continue to work with children on the side of coach Jutta Müller. Her knowledge and experience made me an early coach in my training – this privilege was few. I am a passionate coach, and I see it as my task to teach children and young people on their way to growing up not only athletic values, but also human. "

          Claudia: "After my school days, I was an international operator of WIGE Data at ISU competitions and my strengths are clearly in the planning and organization and so came one thing to another ... "



          What motivates us to work with children and youths?

          Michael: "Working with children is fun. Children are inquisitive and love the versatility. Children laugh and are open-hearted. Children are honest.  Bright children´s eye and laughing faces always give me motivation."

          Claudia: "I love the challenge!  My job is to create a construct that will make the children happy and the parents satisfy. I am really happy to work with a team of professional and human competences. I have the ambition to meet individual requirements and even exceed expectations."



          What is the work of the Huth family?

          Claudia: "I plan and organize the respective camps. On the spot, my assistant Jennifer and me are the contact person for the skaters and their families. The feedback is very important to us, so we can keep our high standard and we can improve. "

          Michael: "I am the creative one on the ice. I am a practitioner and a thinker in the sport."