• Warm up
  • Warm up

Warm up

For activation and sensitization, a 20-40 minute warm up before the first training is recommended.

5-10 minute jogging and running ABC with use of the arms

  • skippings (with and without rope)
  • high knee running
  • heels up
  • side steps
  • cross steps running
  • tip jumps
  • step jumps
  • short sprints
  • and much more

5-10 minute stretching and stabilization program

  • Stretching of muscle groups (thigh, lower leg, hips, trunk)
  • Flexibility exercises: head, shoulder, trunk, hip rotation
  • Strengthening of upper body and leg musculature

10-20 minute specific methodology

  • rotational jumps
  • specific jumps (Butterfly, Button, ...)
  • entry of jump attempt
  • landings
  • rotation exercises
  • rhythm exercises
  • reach out movements
  • balance exercises
  • and much more

There are no limits to creativity in the warming-up.
As a training tool we recommend: jump rope, yogamat, small balls, ...
And do not forget your drinking bottle!